"There is great love here for you"
~ Abraham Hicks


It is my intention that in this blog you will find me being raw, vulnerable and authentic – please be gentle, my heart will be wide open. I will share many facets of my life here. I've got some BIG goals to accomplish in 2014. Observe the journey of my soul embracing life. I’m learning to lean into myself and create My Great Life. Giving up self-limiting beliefs and embracing all the awesome I can handle!

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Dear Universe

I believe in a world filled with gratitude. Even on the worst day we can surely find something that we can be grateful for. It might only be a pair of slippers to keep our toes warm but that’s something! I've been trying to practice gratitude for many years. This year marks a shift in not only having an “attitude of gratitude”, actually making a conscience effort to practice gratitude throughout my entire day.

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Melsha Mondays

Melsha Mondays were born from my need for a time out! It is on this day that I take some time for myself. It might be something as simple as taking a candlelit bath or reading a book to something as spectacular as waking up in the mountains on a weekend get-a-way. I've learned that if I give myself the time to refresh and restore I’m able to give the best version of myself to others!

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Slip into an atmosphere where it’s ok to dip your toes in the sand, swing on a swing and color on the tables! Our primary focus is to help you leave your everyday life at the door and shift closer to what makes you happy. Over the course of a weekend let us nourish you with good food, soulful conversations and creative processes. Re-discover what happiness means to you and explore ways to welcome more happiness, more joy and more play into your daily life.

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A Life You Love Vibration Boards

November 4th, 2019 - No Comments

A Life You Love Vibration Board Full Day Workshop 9:30am – 4:30pm Saturday, November 23, 2019  @ The Clubhouse, Leduc, AB (aka my place!) I made my first Vision Board in 2007. I put some wild material wants & dream experiences on that board that, much to my surprise, came to life! Honestly, I couldn’t […]

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