My 20 Favorite Moments Of The Summer

#SummerOnPurpose took on a life of its own this summer!  I am so grateful for each and every person who went looking and found joy in their Summer.  I’m even more grateful that you shared your joyful moments, with me, on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and in private messages.

When I started this project I thought I was going to have a hard time finding something to be joyful about every day. What I learned was that I have a lot of joy in my life already!  As I became more aware of looking for joy on a daily basis, I was seeing it more than once a day.  Sometimes there were entire days filled with joy!  Sometimes there were days that a simple pair of slippers or a cup of tea brought me joy.  The point is, I found JOY every single day this Summer!

I want to share the stories behind my top 20 favorite moments of JOY this summer. Why? Because you’ll see it’s not always the big flashy things that bring us joy but the simple things in life that make the biggest impact on daily joy. In no particular order {except for my number 1 favorite} my top 20 joyful moments of the summer!

ice cream Copious amounts of ice cream.  Sure, my hips are paying for it now but I took time this summer to eat ice cream without guilt!  It was glorious to eat ice cream for the purpose of enjoying it in the moment.




tree climbing Tree Climbing!  I haven’t done this since I was a child. Before we took this picture Matt was spinning Riley around on his shoulders and we were having lots of family fun at my Sister-In-law’s.





FamilySpending time together as a family!  Since my children are now 24 & 16 it’s not often that we get play time together. Back on the East Coast is where we enjoyed some beach time.





onsieEllen Onesies!  My sista turned 30 this year and she’s a huge fan of Ellen.  It seemed obvious to get us matching Ellen onesies and snuggle on the beach while watching some wicked fireworks & the sunset.




sunsetSpeaking of sunsets….It was almost like a calling to the sunset every night.  If you followed my #SummerOnPurpose on instagram you would have seen a lot of sunsets.  They make my heart sing!





familySpending time with family! I only get to see my entire family once every couple years because of our different locations. Had some fun nights with this crew this summer!





NYCNYC was a Bucket List item on both my sister’s and my daughter’s lists.  It was a joyful four days to experience their joy in NYC.





quiet oceanside momentsThis was a special moment.  After NYC we dropped the girls off to the airport and spontaneously headed to Rhode Island. Our East Coast tour was 23 days.  Only two of them would include alone time with Matt – this is one of them. A harbor filled with yachts and this “tiny” boat named Two Sheas. <3




FenwayMatt has his own Bucket List item to cross off at Fenway Park in Boston. He was a like a little kid in a candy shop. We had a great day filled with all things Boston Red Socks.  His joy is my joy.





tubSoaking! Sometimes it’s a hot tub and a good book that bring me joy.





St. AndrewsSt. Andrews By The Sea holds so many memories for me.  I love this place. It was joyful to stay at this hotel where I studied Travel & Tourism waaaaaaay back in 1994!  The outside looks the same.  We rolled into town at 10:00pm and my old college roommate and her husband had supper waiting for us before we checked in. They’re planning a road trip to Alberta which will hold many joyful moments, I’m sure.



campfiresCampfires! I love the smell and sights and sounds of a campfire.  I’ve had a few this summer.  I gave myself permission to have a campfire whenever the moods strikes – even if it’s in the middle of the day! Bliss.




ArchKayaking in the ocean!  Kayaking in general brings me joy but add this little guy on his first kayak ride and there’s a little extra joy happening.  As we floated by his family on the beach he waved and said, “bye see you sooon.”




peiThis is the land that Matt was born and raised on.  The province where Riley was born. The province we consider home. Strolling the shores with my guys and my mother-in-law was peaceful and joyful.





poolThis was a spontaneous day of fun with a dear friend. We were supposed to organize an office and ended up in the pool with a cocktail instead.  Sometimes, the most fun is the unplanned fun.





puddlesPuddle jumping! I felt like a kid. There was a puddle, I had bare toes, the sun was shining and I found myself wanting to jump in it. So I did! I didn’t think about how ridiculous I looked or what people thought.  I just did what felt right.  And it was FUN!




highwayThis one is a little crazy but so much joy! We were on a little road trip and requested a song on the radio because it was our anniversary. They played it with a shout out so we stopped on the side of the QE II and danced!  We even got a couple honks from people driving by!

Side note: my parents used to do this when we were kids. It was sooooo embarrassing back then!



quiet Relax. Moments by a rushing river napping the afternoon away after a picnic.





bikesThis was so much FUN! Cruisers around Lac Beauvert in Jasper, AB.  Good photo skills Matt!





favoriteAnd my number one, most favorite, #SummerOnPurpose moment of the summer was this!  We were out at a country wedding, didn’t know a soul except the happy couple.  While the bride & groom got their pictures done, Matt and I had our own little tailgate party. Just the two of us talking about life and dreams. It was simple.  It was magical. It was joyful.



There’s still time to fit some more #SummerOnPurpose JOY in before the season changes. I’ll be celebrating the end of summer with a road trip to Calgary with Linda and a drive home through the mountains!

As of this post, there were 656 #SummerOnPurpose moments shared on Instagram!  Just think about that for a moment – 656 moments of joy. We often get bogged down by day to day life.  I encourage you to seek out joy every single day, even the simple things, and you’ll begin to see what a joyful life you’re already living!












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  1. Linda says:

    Love this post Melsha! I’m so happy we could share some of those moments.

  2. kim says:

    I loved seeing you & Matt, I just wished it was a longer visit. I cannot wait until 2016!

  3. Bri says:

    What an amazing summer it’s been! I love your love for life

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