5 Tips to Show Yourself More Kindness

Wow! Lesley, Karl, Ann, Lauren & I are all so grateful for the brave and vulnerable nominations that came in for our first A Matter of Kindness Day!

Every single person who entered deserves this day of kindness. We had a REALLY tough decision with 24 entries. Honestly, we wish we had the space to give this special day to each of them; they are all so deserving.

Congratulations – we’re so excited to share this day of kindness with you!

  • Carolyn Black
  • Patty Fischer
  • Shannon Marshall
  • Amie Brown

Showing yourself some kindness has a ripple effect in the rest of your world. It spreads into your household with your family & pets, then out into the community and into the world. We have the power to give and receive kindness everyday! Let’s exercise that power! How will you show kindness to yourself or others today?

We gathered 5 tips to Show Yourself More Kindness:

  • Even in the middle of chaos and busy schedule take just 3-5 minutes everyday to close your eyes, take a deep breath in, filling your lungs with kindness & gratitude and releasing any tension or worry that you might be carrying. Never feel like you need a large amount of time for the benefits of meditation. Your body and mind will appreciate anything you are able to provide it. –Lesley Johnston-Woo
  • Show yourself kindness by, each day, listing three things you are grateful for…make sure one of them relates to yourself – your body, your accomplishments, your growth. –Ann Hunting
  • Be kind to your body, everyday. It is true that if you don’t use it you will lose it and the same goes for movement. Move every joint in your body in every direction everyday. It doesn’t have to be fast, or with weight, just move. Start gently with your neck, shoulders, elbows, etc. Move your way down all the way to your toes. –Lauren Gahn
  • Start a kindness jar. As you think about or hear about new ways to be kind to others and yourself, write them down on a sticky note, put them in the jar and on rough days, you will have a long list of things to pull from to help lift your spirits!! – Karl MacPhee
  • You have responsibilities, you are one of them! As we go about our lives looking after everyone and everything before ourselves it’s important to remember that we matter, too! Reserve one day a week that you know you will do something kind for yourself on that day. It may be a simple as having a time out with your favourite cup of tea, taking time to read a book, have a soak in the tub, time with nature, time with friends or whatever that one thing that makes your heart sing is! For me, it’s Mondays. I call them #MelshaMondays since 2004! It may not happen every week BUT it’s on the books should I choose to use a little of the day to show myself some kindness. –Melsha Shea

Keep your eyes open this FALL when nominations open for our next A Matter of Kindness day!

Remember…YOU are important. YOU matter. YOU are enough. YOU are worthy. xo




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