Decision Maker for Men


Wednesday, October 5, 2016

6:30 – 10:00pm @ the SHIFTclubhouse

We sometimes forget how many choices we make in a day. Our power is in our choices.

A good life happens when we make good decisions, one after another, and when we learn from the not-so-good decisions we have made, and when we make new decisions after we have learned new things. Sometimes, though, it’s hard to know how to make a good decision and we don’t make any decision at all…leaving us exactly where we are. Sometimes we even allowing others to make decisions for us that lead us to places that are not meant for us. Every choice we make has consequences, good or difficult. We can make choices that have the best consequences for our unique life.

In this powerful and life enriching course, we will learn extremely effective tools for making decisions in our lives, both big and small through asking ourselves a series of questions that help us get to the root of what we really want.

We will create a personal journal with decision making questions and affirmations to take home and use on a daily basis

This class is limited to 6 men!  (Minimum 4 people per class)

Tickets are $119 + GST.  Includes a beautiful workbook, all supplies, snacks & beverages.

**This event takes place in the newly revived SHIFTclubhouse, in my home. There are some stairs up to the front door. In case of allergies, two little dogs live here but won’t be present during class.


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