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Ask and you shall receive! 

We had a lot of requests for a February Detox instead of January so Marie Tower Nutrition has offered to extend her Join the Journey – Melsha’s Detox Group special pricing for a February start date!  We recorded a Skype chat for you to “meet” Marie and hear answers, to some of the questions you had, direct from her!

My husband & I just finished the detox and we saw some great results!  My skin is glowing, no migraines, lost a few pounds and my old cravings are much less noticeable, some are even gone!  We ate 3 meals a day plus 2 snacks.  We weren’t hungry and felt satisfied.  It wasn’t a walk in the park eliminating gluten, sugar, dairy and caffeine for 14 days but it was manageable and the results outweigh any struggles we had.  We felt cared for and looked after on this guided and supervised detox.  Marie was always available via email, phone and in our private Facebook group.  We’ve even adopted some of the detox recipes into our regular menu!

Some comments from some of our January detox group:

It was a great kickstart to get my eating back on track. Definite increased energy and feel better overall. It was a great help to be mindful of what I’m putting in my body. -MS

I will be sticking with many of the things I was that I felt good after eating! Oh and the turning of the shower from hot to cold at the end is very!! -TN

I will be mindful of ingredients, and going into the future there are certain foods that will be limited or banned from our house. It’s good to get certain vices to loosen their grip on you. -AC

Pre-Detox starts February 18, 2014!


Info from Marie below:

Whether you realize it or not, you are constantly being exposed to toxins. Potentially very harmful compounds enter your body in the form of pesticides, fertilizers, prescription & over-the-counter drugs, air pollution, hormone-based food additives, heavy metals, excess sugar or processed foods… even the skin-care and body products we use every single day. As another bonus, toxins are also naturally found in your body as a result of just eating and breathing.

Wherever you find these toxins, they can pile up in your system, especially when your natural toxin-elimination organs are not working properly. This build-up of toxins interferes with hormones, and other body functions which results in weight gain, PMS or menopausal symptoms and a host of other health problems. Not fun!

Is it time to detox?

Here are a few questions you can ask yourself to decide if a detox is right for you:

Are you constantly tired?
Are you overweight?
Do you have abdominal bloating or water retention?
Do you have difficulty concentrating or staying focused?
Are you constipated? {Less than one bowel movement EACH DAY?}
Do you get sick often?
Do you have joint pain or stiffness?
Do you have frequent headaches?
Are your eyes, hair & skin dull?
Do you have dark circles under your eyes?
Do you have acne, eczema or psoriasis?
Have you had a change in body odor or taste in your mouth?
Do you suffer from poor digestion?
Do you have problems sleeping?
Do you have high cholesterol or fatty liver disease?
Do you want to improve your health, hormones, and quality of life?

The more you answered yes, the greater your need for a detox.

READY, SET, Detox….

In just 2 weeks you can be feeling energized, lighter, brighter, & healthier with fewer cravings, pounds, and symptoms.

This is an online detox.
The beauty of an online detox is that you can join us from wherever you are! All of the information, recipes & tips will be sent to you via email. There will also be a group Facebook page where you will have access to the group “feeling” during this program. Melsha & I will be available on our page to answer questions, share ideas and give support!

What’s Included:

Detailed information on what you will be eating, possible supplements to support your detox, and easily-accessible foods we will be focusing on
7-day pre-detox – this is the best way to ease into a detox. All recipes & tips are included for the pre-detox
40+ delicious recipes to choose from
Tips to decrease stress, and increase sleep as we detoxify
Support throughout the detox with answers to any questions you may have
Tools to help decrease any possible side-effects
Access to me through our online support group, or email when you need it!

Remember – do NOT attempt to do a detox on your own, unless you have thoroughly researched it or you are working with someone who knows how. I have seen many cases of people who get very sick from cleansing the wrong way.

There are limited spots available in this group, so click here to register online today, or email Marie at to find out more information. This is probably my favorite detox – I feel great during and after!

Price ~ The regular price for this detox is $99 – BUT anyone in Melsha’s Detox Group will receive 50% off, that is only $49.50!

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