The New Year Accountability Tribe

The focus of this New Year Accountability Tribe is well-being. We will gather in a
private Facebook Group so you can do this from anywhere in the world, from the comfort of your own home! My intention for this Tribe is to help empower you to hear your authentic voice, to show yourself more love & kindness, to encourage you to listen to your body and to help you recognize that YOU are already enough, exactly as you are. You will be seen. You will be heard. You will be held in love & light.

This Accountability Tribe is about setting goals for yourself that honour where you are right now & honour where you want to be. For the next 7 weeks we will show up for ourselves and each other. We will grow together, nurture the individual goals we set for ourselves and cheer each other on as a tribe.

I will hold the space for a safe & supportive environment for us to share our baby steps, our leaps, our wins and our struggles. We will strive to be in alignment with the intentions we have set for ourselves. Each person is responsible for themselves & their outcomes. Together, we can lift each other up!

Each Wednesday of our time together, January 8 – February 23, the Wisdom Keepers will share their wisdom with us. Each week a different theme, a different Wisdom Keeper. 

Karl MacPhee Health, Wellness & Life Coach
Embracing The Journey: Walking The Path That Leads to Long Lasting Vitality

Celeste Frenette of Radical Nourishment
Soul Nourishment for Raising Your Vibration

Melody Ross of Brave Living
Reinventing Yourself Through Restoration

Maria Simpson of Golden Mean Fitness
Your Unique Metabolism: What You Need to Know to Heal Yours

Kolleen Harrison of Soul Restore Yoga & Coaching
Cultivating Your Relationship to The Higher Self

Ashley Abbs of TerraSana Health
Unlock Your Inner Wisdom with the Five Elements

Lesley Johnston-Woo of Soul Tree Connection
Monday Morning Meditations

and me, Melsha Shea! I’ll be holding space, sharing my stories and things I’ve learned along the way & Friday Card readings.

Goals you may wish to set for yourself & work towards (and this will look different for everyone) could include: eating better, drinking more water, making time for yourself, learning more ways to show yourself love & kindness, making time for yourself & what’s important to you, moving your body in ways that feel good to you, learning new ways of being, showing up and maybe you have your own to add that aren’t even included in this list!

7 weeks, January 8 – February 23, 2018

Early Bird investment for 7 weeks of growing together: $70CAD (approx. $55.88USD) + gst

After Dec 29 the investment for 7 weeks of growing together: $99CAD (approx. $77.31USD) +gst

A note about payment:
Select “Paypal” if you are joining us from outside of Canada or wish to pay with a credit card.
Select “manual” if you wish to pay with e-transfer (Canada Only). Send to with Shift2018 as the password.

Reserve your spot until January 8th, 2018!

Here’s how you can expect the weeks to unfold. Of course, there’s always the possibility of some things being added in as go along together!

Mondays: Motivation + Weekly Intention setting & Monday Morning Meditations with Lesley
Tuesdays: Acts of Love/ Journal Prompt/Discussion
Wednesdays: Wisdom Keeper (Each week will be a new theme for our guest expert to share their wisdom with us)
Thursdays: Show & Share Day! Post a photo of something you did, someone or something that inspired you to move in the direction of your goals – we’ll keep cheering you on!
Fridays: Accountability Follow Up & Card Readings
Monday-Thursday: Wins/Celebrations/Gratitude #Name3Things

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