Truth Card Class

Truth Cards

In the Clubhouse Creative Room

Leduc, AB, Canada

Melsha-SR-122Sometimes it is just a few true and beautiful words that give us all of the hope that we need to keep going…

And just a FEW true words really can make all of the difference in the world…

Melody’s idea for Truth Cards came as a way to overpower the awful script that sometimes runs in our head, preventing our souls from feeling whole or healed. Truth cards are little messages of love and truth that are written directly to our souls….telling us the TRUTH when we are believing words that are keeping us from believing the love and truth.

Melsha-SR-116Making Truth Cards is an experience in itself. It had been a long time since I listened to the TRUTH over the negative self talk in my head. I cherish the ones I made when I went to Brave Girls Camp last year. {I will share them with you in class!} They serve as reminders of who I really am. Little guiding lights when I lose my way. A hug of love directly from my soul.

In this class, I will give a brief talk about Truth vs Lies, we will share {in a cozy & safe environment}, then we will begin the process of making Truth Cards – messages to you, from you. <3

Everything you need is included! All the art supplies, access to Melody Ross’s Soul Art book if you want to add a little Brave Girl flair to your cards, snacks, beverages, community, self-discovery, the opportunity to make up to 8 Truth Cards {depending on your creation pace} and it wouldn’t be a SHIFT event without a little surprise. I hope you’ll join us!


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