Virtual ‘A Life You Love’ Vibration Board Workshop

Virtual ‘A Life You Love’ Vibration Board

Full Day Workshop

10:00am – 5:00pm

 Sunday, April 8

In our Virtual Clubhouse Space

I made my first Vision Board in 2007. I put some wild material wants & dream experiences on that board that, much to my surprise, came to life! Honestly, I couldn’t believe that I had the power to manifest the life I wanted to live. (A story for the workshop!)

That was a decade ago and I’ve changed a lot. I don’t have the same material needs or wants. I prefer experiences to things (there’s nothing wrong with wanting more things if they bring you joy!). I want more time with the people I love most. I want to act on sacred yeses. I want to honour the no’s I feel in my heart. I want to do more of what I love. It’s time to celebrate what I’ve already accomplished! There are people I want to meet. I want a better relationship with my body. I want connection, understanding, adventure and I’ve got some tiny house dreams!

Your dreams are different than mine but I do believe that we all have the power to create a life we love, filled with inspired action, alignment, joy and maybe even a little play! Vibration Boards can help you go beyond simply ‘getting what you want’ to a deeper understanding of your authentic self & your true desires. This is so much more than just cutting pretty pictures from a magazine!

What’s a Vibration Board?

Think Vision Board meets Feel Good Board! Vibration Boards are a visual representation of what we want, what we’ve already attracted and what we love. When you get clear on what you want to create in your life, magic starts to happen!

Feelings are involved here. Rebecca Campbell, author of Light is The New Black, states, “when we bring our future wants into alignment with what currently is, our brain cannot distinguish between the two and so it’s much easier to become a vibrational match, thus helping us attract it more quickly.”

We’ll gather for a full day of diving in to connect with our authentic selves, discover what we want more of in our lives, create a personal Vibration Board & align with some inspired action steps to create a life you love.

We’ll come together in The Virtual Clubhouse via Zoom. (you will be sent a link to connect to the gathering space on the day of)

We will journal, have a guided meditation, set intentions & create Vibration Boards. I’ll walk you through every step of the process! Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A device (computer, laptop, ipad) that allows you to connect to the internet & a good internet connection
  • Journal
  • Bristol board or any type of board you would like to have your vibrations on
  • Glue Stick
  • Scissors
  • Some magazines including one that is of special interest for you (ie knitting, gardening, hiking, photography, travel)
  • Some pictures of yourself & those you love that can be put on your board (I just print mine on regular printer paper at home)
  • A card & envelope. I use about a 3.5″ x 5″ card but can be any size or even homemade!
  • a Post-It-Note or colored piece of paper
  • Optional – candle & matches
  • Good Tunes!

And, here’s a rough idea of how the day will unfold *because this is the first one these times are approximate, except for start & end time* :

  • Gather in our Virtual Clubhouse at 10am MT. 
  • We will spend approximately 2.5 – 3 hrs getting acquainted, doing a guided meditation together, journalling, a process and setting our intentions.
  • The next 2.5 -3hrs hours will be used for grabbing some lunch & spending time cutting from your magazines. During this time we will stay connected via Facebook Group sharing photos of our progress and asking questions. We switch to this process so each person can listen to their favourite music & work at their own pace. 
  • We’ll gather back in the Virtual Clubhouse to discuss bringing the board together & making it come alive!
  • 4:00pm we’ll gather one last time with our completed boards to create an inspired action plan around these vibrations we want more of. We’ll close out our day around 5pm.

There are only 10 spaces available. Introductory investment for this high vibration connection, online experience: $77CAD + gst. Yes please, reserve my spot!

This day is all about YOU, for you & creating the vision of what you want more of in your life! Even though you’ll be creating from your own home, be sure to block off this time for yourself! I couldn’t be more excited to welcome you to The Virtual Clubhouse!

“If you take one step towards your dreams, your dreams always take multiple steps towards you.” ~ Joel Baker

*Tickets are non-refundable. As soon as you purchase your ticket magic starts to happen to make the workshop possible and I no longer try to sell your spot, so please be sure of your commitment to the workshop. <3 

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