Dear Friends…

Over the years we’ve gotten to know each other and have built a certain trust. I value that. So much! I’m sharing something that is taking top priority in my life, so you know where I am if you don’t see me around for a bit. In true fashion, I’m going to share openly, honestly and vulnerably.

In July, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. A couple weeks ago I had surgery to remove the tumour and I’m just over here working on healing. 🙂
For, at least, the rest of 2018 I’ll be doing treatments, recovering and creating an environment in my body where cancer does not wish to grow. {insert radical transformation here!}

I am surrounded by so much love that it makes my heart want to burst! Matt is a true angel on earth for me. My fantastic friends & family are generous with their support. I have an incredible team of professionals supporting my efforts. I am in good hands and have no doubt that I will overcome this!

I’m sharing this with you for a couple reasons. One is that I didn’t want to take a step back without letting you know ‘why’ because, in my opinion, that’s part of relationships and I value ours.

Second, for the rest of 2018 The Clubhouse will be closed to the public. The spaces in the Clubhouse have been transformed to support my healing. A writing space and a yoga/physio/meditation space. Whenever I need a boost of happy, I turn the twinkle lights on, turn up the music and dance around the Clubhouse thinking of the women who have gathered here to work on their own healing. The Clubhouse is still a healing space – just a different kind of healing for the next few months. Yes, there is still confetti tossing when we get good news! 🎉

Third, we’ve decided that part of my healing will include getting back to basics! Creating the space for what we want more of in our lives like more time with the people we love most, mindful moments in nature, moving our bodies in holistic ways, preparing foods to boost my immune system and doing the things that make our hearts sing. I also need to get quiet to hear my own inner wisdom to help guide me on this adventure. Part of this includes scaling back time on social media. Soon I’ll be deactivating Facebook for awhile {before I go, I’ll share one last card reading post for those of you who love them!}. I’ll still be over on Instagram sharing musings and photos should you wish to keep in touch over there.

Lastly, I wanted you to know that you are not alone if you are going through your own difficult time right now. We all have them! A few things that have helped me along the way so far: reaching out and asking for help or a hug, spending time in nature, letting people love me (sometimes a tough one for me), being truthful with myself & accepting help when I need it, allowing myself permission to rest & heal (soooo much harder than I thought it would be!), looking for the good in my situation and giving myself a GRACE card when I’m having a rough day.

There are a lot of ups and downs in my world right now but here’s what I know for sure; I am worthy of the love I so generously give to others. And, so are YOU – you are worthy of the love you so generously give to others. I believe this wholeheartedly! It’s time for me to deeply practice the art of loving and caring for oneself in radical transformative ways. I’ll be back healthier & brighter than ever! Until then, my wish for us is abundant love, vibrant health & magical moments that make our hearts skip a beat. Make YOUR moments count!

Big love! xo

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