Loving Words
from clients

  • I am infinitely grateful to have participated in a number of programs and Soul Circles facilitated by Melsha. Her content is always thoughtfully curated and consistently stems from her deepest heart, aimed at piercing directly into the core of what matters most. The various lessons, techniques, and self-inquiry processes she teaches, combined with her soul-centred wisdom and gentle guidance, have been invaluable in encouraging me to continue moving forward in the direction of my true north—not to mention in celebrating even the smallest baby steps along the way.
  • I attended Melsha Shea’s Shift event and it was absolutely amazing. She planned for every detail; nothing was overlooked. She is such a warm and giving soul and her event was fantastic! She thinks of everything and the content is thought provoking and on point. She is so authentic and I learned so much at her event. She had many speakers on so many topics. I loved her talk on Joy and seeking out what Joy is for you. For me I have discovered I love the outdoors and bike riding and taking the time for self care. If you are thinking about taking a class from her I say go for it! It will be worth every penny and then some. Plus just getting to connect with her will be a great experience, her joy and zest for life are contagious!
  • I’ve been so lucky to be part of Melsha’s magic in so many ways. Whether I was receiving her gift of creating a safe, shifting and magical healing circle or having the honour of being asked to share my gifts, beside Melsha. Every single experience, whether giving or receiving, in Melsha’s space always reflects every last detail to remind you about how special you are, how important you are, and how much she cares about you, your details, your safety, your desires and allowing you to be fully you! I’ve felt the magic and witness the magic she creates! It’s been a blessing in my journey!
  • Melsha is warm, welcoming and holds space for people like I have never experienced; she gives you the space you need to discover your own heart, the time you need to understand it all a bit better and leads you to a place of self discovery you may not have considered or been able to accomplish on your own.  She has thought of every little detail to make you feel safe and loved. When you experience a space like that you are free to be vulnerable and open and it’s nothing short of a gift.  Because of her offering of heart centered courses, events and circles, she attracted warm, heart centered people that became an extended part of my tribe.  I would recommend anything Melsha offered because I know how much heart, love and thought she puts into it and anyone that is blessed to be invited into her circle, is forever changed for the good.
  • Melsha is a beautiful soul who knows how to create a beautiful physical space and container. She’s like a warm fuzzy blanket! I attended her Vibration Board workshop in November 2019 and loved the inner work she guided the group through before we dove into gathering the pictures and words for our boards. I’ve hung mine where I can see it from my favourite spot.

  • Melsha is masterful at meeting you where you are, holding space and gently nudging you towards listening to your heart, embracing your own wisdom and experiencing joy. A visit to the clubhouse is a beautiful soul-enriching experience. I have had the honour of visiting the clubhouse on several occasions; each and every time I left feeling nurtured, grounded and connected to my own path.
  • Melsha is an amazing facilitator, creating a safe space in which to heal and grow. With Melsha, every detail is considered and she goes above and beyond to make all participants feel totally and completely held (and spoiled) while they engage in soul inspired work. I highly recommend Melsha’s classes to anyone wanting to dig deep in a safe and creative environment.

  • Melsha’s calm, supportive energy was exactly what I needed. She has a unique talent to make people feel welcome, loved, and appreciated. I know that whenever I show up to one of her classes, my heart will become full and my body will be rested.  And even if I don’t know exactly what I’m looking for when I start each class, it always amazes me how by the end of our time together, Melsha’s gentle guidance has brought me to the answers I need – even if those answers lead to more questions. Her clubhouse is food for my soul!
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